Virtual Gift

From: katharon
Date: Mon Dec 7 08:39:02 2009

Being the sentimentalist that he is, Lockon's not the type to remain silent around Christmas. It's difficult being in the world beyond, but he fights, fights, until he triggers that recognition inside Tieria, despite his placement inside of VEDA these days, to ensure he catches his attention.

"Yo, Tieria!" he says, the smile always in place.

"... Lockon," Tieria replies uncertainly, glancing at him.

"I thought I'd tell you about Christmas."

"It's a holiday, isn't it?"

"I think understanding it will help you with those dialogues."

Tieria glances away, lips curving down. "You're always guiding me ..."

"Hey, hey, you guys helped me, too, you know. But Christmas is a religious holiday, but it's about love and sharing, about being with who you care about. It doesn't matter if you're Christian or not, as long as you're near the person you want to be near."

"But wouldn't you want to—"

"Be near Lyle?" Lockon interjects, smiling readily. "Anew is there with him."

"Then ..."

"I hope you don't mind, Tieria. Amy ... mother and father, they all thought it was sad that you were alone here." He moves toward Tieria, and though it should be impossible, he clasps his fingers around his shoulder and draws him close. "You're pretty cute when you're trying to act like that doesn't bother you."


His only response is a laugh, before he drapes his arm around Tieria fully, and draws him close.

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