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Virtual Gift

From: anya1976
Date: Tue Jun 17 01:53:02 2008

"Danny","Bade","Josh" Carissa (the only name I know that is REAL),
This gift is for you so that you KNOW that I was not fooled by you.
I've known you were a woman since april.
I am just wondering why you targeted me in the first place and why you pretend to be a man when you are a WOMAN.
Are you gay? Do you have gender identity issues? Why not just be true to yourself and others?
What kind of satisfaction do you get by pretending to be people you are not?
Does it make you feel good to know that you are lying to people and if and when they find out they will be crushed that they were lied to so horribly?
I am sure you have other LJs besides harry2urginny, forget_honor and jcgavememusic. Well since "Danny" is in iraq that account and identity doesn't do much for you it doesn't fulfill that need you have to fool people so I am sure you have moved on to greener pastures.

Why lie about having children when if you talk to someone on the phone those kids are NO WHERE around.
For that matter saying you are in Iraq and when you call someone when you are on "watch" that would never happen or falling asleep on watch or playing psp on watch those things would never happen either.
No my account was not hacked and neither were yours you've just been busted on said accounts so you needed an out.
you've been lying for years and i am sure you will continue but there are consequences to your actions, This isn't much of one but it's a public reminder that you are a liar. I hope more people see you for who you truly are before they get too hurt by you.

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