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Virtual Gift

Granny Panties
From: no_russianbride
Date: Fri Aug 17 04:15:23 2007

To Jim -
My Dearest Husband, Lover of Loves,

The Man who makes me
- weak in the knees
- laugh with joy
- smile for the rest of my life...

Here are some underwear.
They don't have any days of the week on them, but they claim to be "Granny Panties" and I think they're hot. Maybe if you're lucky I'll wear a pair one night. Of course you are the man that'll always get lucky with me, so it's really not even worth the argument at this point.

I love you, and always will... even when I'm old and wrinkled or drunk and silly, or both!

Love you -
Mrs. Jim Riley aka Addie... aka Dimples... aka Vodka... aka Twist...

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