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Virtual Gift

Box of Chocolates
From: rosanne_barr
Date: Mon Feb 13 23:26:07 2006

Dear Scottage Cheese,

I can't hide it anymore. I'm in love with you, I need you to know that.

I've never felt like this before, Scott, not even about Dan. You're all I think about; whilst I'm thrusting my hairbrush up my clammy vag, when I'm shoving soft, salty stuffing into a hot chicken carcass, even whilst making love to Dan. All the while I am envisioning your taut, toned, tanned, Canadian body, writhing and flexing. Nothing gets me hotter.

But alas, I must love you from afar. Hence, I expect no more in return from you than 1 nude photograph (full frontal), a video of yourself performing 'Screwed' by Paris Hilton, and an answer to the question: BECKY #1 OR BECKY #2? That is all.

Please don't ignore me, Scotty Boy. And please, don't tell Dan.

Forever yours,

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