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Friends Tools

Add and Remove Friends

Find Your Friends
Quickly look through your entire list of email contacts to see if any friends are already on LiveJournal. Or search for an individual user by their email address, IM handle, or LJ username.

Manage Friends
Browse through your existing LiveJournal contacts and add or remove any journals, communities, or syndicated feeds to/from your Friends list.

Invite a Friend
Do you want to share your journal with someone not already on LiveJournal? Send them an invite and be notified if and when they join LJ.

Sort and Filter Friends

Custom Friends Groups
Create, edit, or delete subgroups of your friends. You can then use these groups to filter your Friends page or to write to only a certain set of people.

Filter Your Friends Page
Filter your Friends list according to specific subgroups that were created on the Custom Friends Groups page.

More About Writing and Reading Custom Friends Groups
Your Friends list is also used for entries with restricted access. Find out more about Friends list security.

Other Friends Tools and Options

Chat with Friends
Talk to your LiveJournal friends in real time with LJ Talk. It's compatible with Gmail (GTalk), jabber.org, Adium, imeem, Meebo, and anyone else on a Jabber network.

Nudge a Friend
Nudge a mutual friend who hasn't posted recently to let them know that you want to hear from them.