LJ Extras

Already completed your daily walk through LiveJournal? Get more with services and tools of LJ Extras: you can write to LiveJournal on the run or you can enrich your LiveJournal experience with downloadable clients and plug-ins.

Mobile Version

Use mobile version of LiveJournal.com from your mobile device (mobile phones, communicators, smart phones, PDAs are supported). Just follow the indicated link in the browser of your mobile device: m.livejournal.com.


LiveJournal.app is a free LiveJournal client for the Apple iPhone that allows you to post new entries to your LiveJournal (with a toolbar for common formatting options), and receive and send personal messages. To install it, please visit the AppStore, press the "GET APP" button, and synchronize LiveJournal.app with your iPhone or iPod Touch.


While it's possible to use LiveJournal with just a web browser, it's convenient to download a small program that lets you work with your LiveJournal directly. For more information on what a client is, check out the FAQ.


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