Download a Client


While it's possible to use LiveJournal with just a web browser, it's convenient to download a small program that lets you work with your LiveJournal directly. For more information on what a client is, check out the FAQ.

For LiveJournal

Pick your platform: Or, view all of the clients on one page.

Don't see your platform listed?
LiveJournal clients are available for a variety of platforms. If no version is available for your computer, or you don't want to download anything, you can still use the Post an Entry page.

Posting on-the-go
Users with mobile devices can choose from several downloads by selecting the “Handhelds” platform link above. LiveJournal also has a low-bandwidth format at LiveJournal mobile. You can learn about further ways to post content to your LiveJournal from the Go Mobile with LiveJournal page.

Alternative Clients
Clients written for the Blogger 1.0 and Atom APIs should be able to work with LiveJournal, provided you can change which server they post to.

Want to port to other languages/platforms?
For information on how to develop your own client, check out the developer section.

For Scrapbook

In addition to uploading pictures from the Upload Pictures page, we offer the ability to upload pictures through a “client”, which is a program you can download for your computer. Right now there are only a few clients, but we're constantly working with developers to write new ones for us:
Command-line client
We're geeks at heart, so the first client we wrote for FotoBilder was a command-line Perl client that could upload entire directories of pictures at a time. This requires Perl and some common modules; unfortunately the required modules aren't included with Mac OS X.
iPhoto Plugins
fraserspeirs wrote a free, fully-functional iPhoto plugin that easily uploads images from iPhoto into Scrapbook.
Filmgold has written a tool that exports your images from iPhoto into your ScrapBook. The Filmgold client has some limitations though, and the full version isn't free.
banana wrote a cross-platform client in the Java language named Jix, that lets you upload pictures to ScrapBook. It has its own community fb_jix.
Windows XP Publishing Wizard
We've written an integrated wizard for Windows XP that allows you to upload pictures directly from Explorer. We're still testing it, making sure that we get the bugs and kinks worked out — if you want to try it out, please read the instructions and start uploading!
Web Photos Pro
Web Photos Pro is a cross-platform photo organizer that includes support for uploading pictures directly to your ScrapBook.

We'll update this page again as more clients become available for use.

Interested in writing a client?
If you're a developer looking to write your own FotoBilder client, please join lj_dev and discuss!