Handhelds Clients


by thelovebug
Description:With this, you can update your LiveJournal from your Palm/PocketPC/Windows CE device. This client also supports offline posting for when you don't have an Internet connection, sending your posts when you sync (HotSync/ActiveSync) or directly connect to the Internet. Requires AvantGo.
Journal: Watch pocketlj for updates.


by xfyre
Description:A Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) platform-based LiveJournal client that offers a variety of useful features and has internal support for UTF-8 character encoding.
Journal: Watch lj2me for updates.

LJ Mobile

Name:LJ Mobile
by Six Apart
Description:A free application for your Windows Mobile device or Palm OS smartphone that allows you to post an entry or photo to your journal while on the go. To download a copy please see the FAQ page listed below.

Nokia Lifeblog

Name:Nokia Lifeblog
by Nokia
Description:You can use Nokia Lifeblog to update your journal with your mobile phone or a desktop client. Enter https://www.livejournal.com/interface/atom as the server address and use your LiveJournal username and password.

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