FRIENDS_TALK_LINKS — Define here HTML (if any) that you want to be displayed for the links to read comments and post comments on the current event. The contents of this variable are inserted into %%talklinks%% in FRIENDS_EVENT if the user has commenting enabled.

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Yes; users of this style may override this

Variable Type



readlink If there are existing comments for this event, then the value of FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK is inserted into %%readlink%%
urlpost The URL you need to use in your <A HREF=...> tag to link to the "leave a comment" page.
urlread The URL to use in your <a href=...> tag to link to the "read comments" page.
messagecount The number of replies, or zero.
itemid A unique integer that represents this journal entry. You probably won't ever have to use this.
itemargs A portion of a URL which identifies this event. This should be used when referring to memadd.bml, editjournal.bml or other similar actions which require an event to be identified in the URL. Do NOT use itemid=%%itemid%% for this purpose, or a similarly hardcoded scheme, use %%itemargs%%.