FRIENDS_EVENT — An event from the user's journal. A bunch of these (as specified by FRIENDS_OPT_ITEMS) get put together to form the %%events%% property of the FRIENDS_EVENTS variable. See also FRIENDS_EVENT_PRIVATE and FRIENDS_EVENT_PROTECTED.

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No; users of the style cannot override this. It may only be defined in the style.

Variable Type



user The username of the friend whose journal entry is being displayed.
bgcolor The background color of the friend.
fgcolor The foreground color of the friend.
datetime The date and/or time of the event, as formatted by FRIENDS_DATE_FORMAT.
event The actual event from the journal. [required]
friendpic A picture of this friend, if they've uploaded a picture. See FRIENDS_FRIENDPIC.
talklinks The value of FRIENDS_TALK_LINKS. If you don't want commenting enabled on your journal, don't use this, or make FRIENDS_TALK_LINKS empty.
subject When the journal entry has a subject, then a FRIENDS_SUBJECT is inserted into this property. That way you can do some specialized HTML only when there's a subject.
itemid A unique integer that represents this journal entry. You probably won't ever have to use this.
itemargs A portion of a URL which identifies this event. This should be used when referring to memadd.bml, editjournal.bml or other similar actions which require an event to be identified in the URL. Do NOT use itemid=%%itemid%% for this purpose, or a similarly hardcoded scheme, use %%itemargs%%.
permalink The permalink of this event.
altposter If this is a shared journal, and somebody other than the journal creator is posting an item, this property gets the value of FRIENDS_ALTPOSTER.
currents If the user has specified either a current mood or their current music, then a FRIENDS_CURRENTS gets inserted in here.