2. Deleting and changing translation strings

Deleting strings: Deadphrase them!

When a string is no longer used anywhere on the site, remove it from en.dat or en_XY.dat and add the dead string to deadphrases.dat or deadphrases-local.dat, respectively.

If the string is in both en.dat and en_XY.dat (because it is used on a page in the livejournal repository but says something different for LiveJournal.com), then delete the string from en.dat and add it to deadphrases.dat—you don't need to delete it from en_XY.dat.

Changing strings: Create new ones; don't edit them!

If you need to change a string in the translation file and not on the site[o], remove the old string, deadphrase it (as described above), and create a new one; don't edit strings in the translation files. Editing an existing string in the translation file (that is already live on the site) will not update it on the site. Even if you are positive it isn't live on your production site yet, it is bad practice to edit the string since other sites may have put the en.dat file live for themselves. So, just create a new string—it's the option least likely to cause problems. This provision primarily applies to LiveJournal.com.