Chapter 15. Statusvis Codes

Status Visibility Types

statusvis” stands for “status visibility” and is the basic way that accounts are marked with various statuses. This column in the user table is a single character and is taken from the list below:

V - visible

This is the normal status that applies to most accounts. Nothing special.

S - suspended

Accounts that are suspended are effectively invisible. Normal people cannot see the contents of suspended journals. People with the “canview” privilege have some access to see these accounts. (See information on that privilege.)

D - deleted

When someone deletes their own account. Has much the same effects as being suspended, except the user is allowed to undelete their account.

X - expunged

After an account has been deleted for a while it is expunged. This process removes all data for an account. At this point the account can no longer be undeleted.

R - renamed

When a user is renamed a row is created in the user table with their old username and a statusvis of R. This means that any requests for this user need to be mapped to the username they renamed to.

M - memorial

No changes from a normal account except that memorial accounts cannot have new posts added to them.

L - locked

Accounts in this status are frozen. They cannot be logged in to, cannot receive comments or post comments, cannot post entries, cannot edit entries, and basically cannot do anything on the site with this account.

O - read-only

Setting a journal to read-only status makes it so the user cannot post entries or comments (or receive them in the case of a community), but can still delete them if they wish.