2. memcached keys reference

HashVal Key ValueFormat Scope Notes
uid tags:<uid> { tagid => { **tag info hashref, see LJ::Tags::get_usertags** } } livejournal  
uid sess:<uid>:<sessid> sessions row hashref livejournal  
uid bio:<uid> user bio text livejournal  
uid bio:<uid> user bio text livejournal  
uid bio:<uid> user bio text livejournal  
uid kws:<uid> { kwid => keyword }; hashref of keyword IDs and keywords livejournal  
uid talkprop:<uid>:<jtalkid> { propname => $value, … } livejournal  
uid talksubject:<cid>:<uid>:<jtalkid> scalar livejournal  
uid talkbody:<cid>:<uid>:<jtalkid> scalar livejournal  
uid talk2:<uid>:<nodetype>:<nodeid> packed data livejournal  
uid talk2row:<uid>:<jtalkid> packed data livejournal  
uid talk2ct:<uid> # rows for user livejournal  
uid talkleftct:<uid> # rows for user livejournal  
uid logtext:<cid>:<uid>:<jitemid> [ subject, text ] livejournal  
uid logprop:<uid>:<jitemid> { propname => $value, … } livejournal  
uid logtag:<uid>:<jitemid> [ kwid, kwid, kwid, … ] livejournal  
uid log2:<uid>:<jitemid> packed data livejournal  
uid log2ct:<uid> # of rows for user livejournal  
uid log2lt:<uid> packed data: array of recent log2 entries in rlogtime order, last 2 weeks by default livejournal  
uid rp:<uid>:<jitemid> scalar, the replycount value livejournal  
uid memkwid:<uid> hashref of “memories” keyword IDs to keywords livejournal  
uid memkwcnt:<uid>:<w|t>:<f|v|u> hashref of “memories” keyword IDs to keyword counts. <w|t> is filter oWner|oTher. <f|v|u> is security Friends|priVate|pUblic livejournal  
uid dayct2:<uid>:<mask> The number of posts for each day for calendar view, see LJ::get_daycounts. Arrayref [create_time, [year1, month1, day1, count1], [y2, m2, d2, c2], ...]. <mask> - permission mask: 'p' - public only entries count, 'a' - all entries count, 'g<bitmask>' - usemask protected. livejournal  
uid auc:<uid>:<dom> last ID from LJ::alloc_user_counter() for $uid/$domain livejournal  
themeid moodthemedata:<themeid> { $moodid => { 'pic' => $pic, 'w' => $w, 'h' => $h } } livejournal  
uid s1overr:<uid> overrides for a given user livejournal  
uid s1uc:<uid> s1usercache row hashref livejournal  
  s1pubstyc hashref keyed on styleid with values being rows from s1style table livejournal  
styleid s1styc:<styleid> s1stylecache row hashref, 30 minutes livejournal  
styleid s1style:<styleid> hashref of s1style row, without formatdata livejournal  
styleid s1style_all:<styleid> hashref of s1style row, including formatdata livejournal  
styleid s1stylemap: <styleid> userid who owns the given styleid livejournal  
styleid s2sl:<styleid> hashref of s2stylelayers { type => s2lid } livejournal  
styleid s2s:<styleid> hashref of s2styles row livejournal  
  s2publayers memoize LJ::S2::get_public_layers for 10 mins livejournal  
layerid s2lo:<layerid> userid of the owner of this layer livejournal  
layerid s2c:<layerid> arrayref; [ compile time, compiled data (or 0 meaning no data) ] livejournal  
uid checkfriends:<uid>:<mask> scalar maxupdate, expires after refresh interval livejournal  
uid frgmask:<uid>:<uid_friend> scalar numeric mask, 15 minutes livejournal  
uid fgrp:<uid> packed data, friendgroup rows for a given user livejournal  
uid friends:<uid> packed data, friends rows for a user livejournal  
uid friendofs:<uid> packed data, friendofs for a user livejournal  
uid tu:<uid> packed number: unixtime when user last updated livejournal  
  popsyn 100 most read syndicated accounts [user, userid, synurl, numreaders], 1 hour livejournal  
  popsyn_ids 1000 most read syndicated accounts, list of userids, 1 hour livejournal  
  friends2:<uid> packed data. total # of friends for a user, with friend userids livejournal  
  friendofs2:<uid> packed data. total # of friendofs for a user, with friendof userids livejournal  
  tc:<uid> unixtime when the user created their account livejournal  
  sysban:ip hashref of IP => Unix expiration time livejournal  
  sysban:uniq hashref of uniq => Unix expiration time livejournal  
  sysban:contentflag hashref of username => Unix expiration time livejournal  
uid userpic2:<uid> arrayref of hashrefs of userpic2 rows livejournal  
picid userpic.<picid> hashref-as-arrayref (arrayfmt: 'userpic' in LJ::MemCache) livejournal  
uid upicinf:<uid> packed data, userpic keywords livejournal  
uid upiccom:<uid> packed data, userpic comments livejournal  
uid upicurl:<uid> packed data, userpic URLs livejournal  
picid mogp.up.<picid> arrayref of paths (URLs) livejournal  
  rate_eperr:<email_address> rate limiting errors sent via e-mail for e-mail gateway livejournal  
  rate:tracked:<userid> cluster tracking on login, posts, and comments livejournal  
  ml.<lang>.<dmid>.<code>   livejournal  
  includefile:<name> text of BML include file livejournal  
intid introw:<intid> arrayref of [ $intid, $interest, $intcount ] livejournal  
uid intids:<uid> arrayref of intids for this userid livejournal  
uid rel:<uid>:<targetid>:<rel> [{0|1}, as_of_time] livejournal  
uid relmodu:<uid>:<rel> as_of_time, updated when rel edges of uid change livejournal  
targetid relmodt:<targetid>:<rel> as_of_time, updated when rel edges of targetid change livejournal  
uid reluser:<uid>:<rel> arrayref of userids on the right side of this rel livejournal  
uid memct:<uid> number of “memories” user has livejournal  
uid lastcomm:<uid> id of the last comment the user posted via QuickReply livejournal  
uid prtcfg:<uid> arrayref of the portal box configuration for this userid livejournal  
uid prtbox:<uid>:<pboxid> arrayref of the state of a LJ::Portal::Box object livejournal  
uid prtconu:<uid>:<pboxid> [etag, maxtime, html] - per-user box content caching livejournal  
typeid prtcong:<typeid> [etag, maxtime, html] - global box content caching livejournal  
uid saui:<uid> { schoolid => { year_start => …, year_end => … } } livejournal  
schoolid saal:<schoolid> [ userid, … ]; userids at a school livejournal  
schoolid saaly:<schoolid>:<year> [ userid, … ]; userids at a school in this year livejournal  
schoolid sasi:<schoolid> hashref; keys: name, country, state, city, url livejournal  
  saccs { country_code => country_name}; countries with schools livejournal  
  sascs:<country_code> { state_code => state_name }; states with schools livejournal  
pendid sapiu:<pendid> userid of person editing this pending row livejournal  
  saact number of approved schools in DB; cached for admins livejournal  
  sapct pending schools to be processed count; cached for admins livejournal  
uid uactive:<type>:<uid> unixtime user last active for a given type of activity livejournal  
uniq loginout:<uniq> set to 1, expires in five seconds, denotes user just logged in or out and is going through a redirect livejournal  
uid inbox:<uid> list of qids for a user's notification inbox livejournal  
uid inbox:newct:<uid> count of new messages in inbox livejournal  
uid jabpresence:<uid>:<reshash> hash of jabber presence information for a particular userid/reshash pair livejournal  
uid jabuser:<uid> hash of jabber resources for this user, keyed on resource name livejournal  
  jabclusteraddr:<address> address of server livejournal  
  jabclusterid:<id> id of server livejournal  
uid email:<uid> e-mail of user livejournal  
uid pw:<uid> password of user livejournal  
uid embedcont:<uid>:<moduleid> embed module content livejournal  
uid frbdays:<uid>:<timespan> friends birthdays for timespan, either “full” or number of months in the future livejournal  
uid rcntalk:<uid>:<maxshow> recent talkitems cached on user, cache on number of talkitems to get livejournal  
uid timezone_guess:<uid> guess of the user's timezone offset based on time of their most recent entry livejournal  
uid commsettings:<cid> [membership, postlevel] - membership and posting access for a community livejournal  
uid synd:<uid> hash of basic syndication info livejournal  
vertid vert:<vertid> row from “vertical” table livejournal  
vertname vertname:<vertname> row from “vertical” table. Holds same info as “vertmemcached key, just keys on name instead of id livejournal  
vertid vertentries:<vertid> array of [ journalid, jitemid ] arrayrefs which should appear in vertical livejournal  
vertid vertrules:<vertid> serialized (nfreeze) data structure representing filtering rules for this vertical livejournal  
uid supportpointsum:<uid> total number of support points that this user has livejournal  
uid txtmsgsecurity:<uid> security level that the user has set for their text messages livejournal  
  qotd:<type> QotDs of the type <type> ('current' or 'old') livejournal Widget
  sitemessages site messages livejournal Widget
  blockwatch_ids hash of blockwatch IDs mapped to names livejournal Widget
  blockwatch_names hash of blockwatch names mapped to IDs livejournal Widget
  ct_flag_locked array of locked content flag IDs livejournal Widget
  ct_flag_cat_count hash of content flag counts livejournal Widget
  pop_interests array of interest keywords and counts livejournal Widget
  verticalfeedentries:<vertid> arrayref of feed entries that are being displayed for the given vertical id livejournal Widget
  poll:<pollid> arrayref of poll properties, see cgi-bin/LJ/Poll.pm for details (section under “use base 'LJ::MemCacheable'”) livejournal Widget