LJ::Talk::get_comments_in_thread — Gets a list of comment ids that are contained within a thread, including the comment at the top of the thread. You can also limit this to only return comments of a certain state.


LJ::Talk::get_comments_in_thread(u, jitemid, jtalkid, onlystate, screenedref);


  • u. user object of user to get comments from

  • jitemid. journal itemid to get comments from

  • jtalkid. journal talkid of comment to use as top of tree

  • onlystate. if specified, return only comments of this state (e.g. A, F, S...)

  • screenedref. if provided and an array reference, will push on a list of comment ids that are being returned and are screened (mostly for use in deletion so you can unscreen the comments)




undef on error, array reference of jtalkids on success