LJ::Tags::update_logtags — Updates the tags on an entry. Tags not in the list you provide are deleted.


LJ::Tags::update_logtags(uobj, jitemid, tags, opts);


  • uobj. User id or object of account with entry

  • jitemid. Journal itemid of entry to tag

  • tags. List of tags you want applied to entry.

  • opts. Hashref; keys being the action and values of the key being an arrayref of tags to involve in the action. Possible actions are 'add', 'set', and 'delete'. With those, the value is a hashref of the tags (textual tags) to add, set, or delete. Other actions are 'add_ids', 'set_ids', and 'delete_ids'. The value arrayref should then contain the tag ids to act with. Can also specify 'add_string', 'set_string', or 'delete_string' as a comma separated list of user-supplied tags which are then canonicalized and used. 'remote' is the remote user taking the actions (required). 'err_ref' is ref to scalar to return error messages in. optional, and may not be set by all error conditions.




1 on success, undef on error