3. Configure memcached and SSL

This part assumes you have installed the relevant software listed in section 1 of this chapter.

Some parts of the site, like the account creation page - create.bml, can use SSL if it is available. If you do not set up an SSL-enabled area of the site, other security like challenge-response authentication is used. As we mentioned in the abstract of this chapter, SSL requires its own IP. You cannot use an Apache name-based VirtualHost for SSL.

Through memcached, your installation will rely on memory more instead of slower disk reads. You can learn more about memcached on the Danga Interactive[o] website.

In ljconfig.pl, set up the location of memcached servers, and enable support for SSL:

$LJ::DEV_HAS_REAL_SSL = 1;   # for development installs. (will be configured later with Perlbal)
$LJ::USE_SSL = 1;

You also need to set your SSL URL base prefix, in $LJ::SSLROOT

If you require users to agree to Terms of Service, and you have a tos-mini.bml file, you can copy it from the htdocs subdirectory to the equivalent SSL subdirectory: ssldocs/legal.