Chapter 9. Supplemental Software

Table of Contents

1. Install extra required packages and modules
2. Setting up multiple database servers
3. Configure memcached and SSL
4. Configure Perlbal
4.1. Install Perlbal
4.2. Set up Perlbal
4.3. Example perlbal.conf
4.4. SSL steps and startup
5. Configure MogileFS
5.1. Install MogileFS
5.2. Set up MogileFS
6. Set up LJ <=> FotoBilder Integration


These parts are grouped together separately because for some setups, like those for small groups, those running on limited hardware, or those for development-only, you may not want them.

If you are running an installation for a small group of people, or a development installation, you can probably skip this chapter.

The list of additional modules/packages to install and setup tasks described here cover items like:

  • SSL 1

  • Perlbal 2

  • memcached

  • MogileFS

  • FotoBilder integration 3


Only needed if you are setting up a separate SSL-enabled secure site area. This requires its own IP.


A “load balancer”, for distributing load over a number of servers.


A picture hosting web-application, with its own, separate, manual and codebase. FotoBilder configuration notes here only cover integrating a FotoBilder install with a LiveJournal install.