Chapter 5. Requirements

Software.  The main software components you need for a working LiveJournal installation are as follows (the recommended version is noted):

Version 5.8.x
Version 5.0.x
Version 1.3.34
Version 1.29
Any version. You need this to get the LiveJournal software, and updates

Apache 2 & mod_perl 2

At this time, LiveJournal has not been ported to & will not work with Apache 2 & mod_perl 2.

Versions.  These are the recommended versions. The versions available in Debian Stable plus any security updates are commonly used for LiveJournal installations. It does not matter if you have a different, perhaps more recent, minor/incremental software version (e.g. 1.3.35). An exception to this point is mod_perl: version 1.99 is part of the mod_perl 2 series, which will not work with LiveJournal.

Hardware.  There are no specific hardware requirements for a LiveJournal installation, but Apache/mod_perl and MySQL can utilize a lot of memory very quickly. Determining the right amount of processor speed, storage space, and RAM depends on how busy your LiveJournal installation will be. A simple rule of thumb to remember is that posts and comments drive site traffic, not necessarily the presence of more users.