5. Populate the Database

In order to use your site, you're going to need to populate your MySQL database with the required information to get the service started.

$ cd $LJHOME
$ bin/upgrading/update-db.pl --innodb --runsql --populate 1
$ bin/upgrading/texttool.pl load en 2


You can enable $LJ::USE_INNODB, to have tables created as InnoDB[o] by default.


Adjust this line to load any additional site-specific text, too:

            bin/upgrading/texttool.pl load en en_YS

That will bring your database schema up-to-date and populate it with any look-up data it needs.

If you are using multiple MySQL servers, as detailed in Section 2, “Setting up multiple database servers”, populate these, too:

$ bin/upgrading/update-db.pl --cluster=all -r -p