1. Introduction

Packaged with every LiveJournal distribution is an internal support center; a set of pages that logs user requests and assigns them a ticket, so that once it is answered they can return to close the ticket or mark it as still needing assistance.

The support system was written and tailors to 3 types of users:

The Support Center is located at http://www.lj-23-m.bulyon.local/support/[o].

FIXME: This needs a lot of work.

The actions or “touches” each user can perform on tickets are determined by privs they hold.

Support-Ticket Metadata. Supplemental information is displayed on the web page for the ticket, to help the volunteer resolve it.

Each ticket contains the information in the list below. Some items can be disabled, in ljconfig.pl


User-agent string sent by the browser when the requester opened the ticket. This indicates the platform and OS the requester used, when submitting the ticket. It can help in identifying “malware” that may affect their use of the LiveJournal installation.


The cluster the user account is on.

Username, e-mail

Username, e-mail address (can be munged).

dversion - data version

Userpic storage, etc.

Account type

Account types are set using hooks, e.g. “paid”.

Style system

Style system in use: S1 or S2. Hyperlinks to layout code for the various different page views (journal, calendar/archive etc) are displayed. You can restrict who can load private/public styles linked here, using privs. Some layout code may not be publicly-viewable, depending on how the user has configured their layout.

S1 page

View S1 overrides of a given username. Normally you will want to restrict who can use this. You can view overrides for a given username at /foo.html. (ljcom-specific?)

e-mail validated

Value: yes/no. Some site features are unavailable to the user until they validate their e-mail address.


The user's chosen site scheme.


The user's selected language. This is an ISO language code.


Status of the underage flag on the user account.

Support Category

To help sort open/pending and closed requests, you can set up categories. New categories are created using SQL INSERT commands into the supportcat table. Categories can be public, or private (visible only to those holding the necessary privs).


Open/closed/still needs help/locked?

Original request

User description of problem/query.


Short summary of problem description. Examples: OMG plz help thnx111; Loading sitepage.bml fails.