Chapter 15. Using your own SVN directory

Table of Contents

1. (vcv) : Adding & Overlaying

SVN is a version control system for source code. We don't care whether or not you actually use it to control your site-local modifications. However, even if you don't, it's still important you put your modifications under a directory in $LJHOME/cvs. The …/cvs directory is a holdover, from when the LiveJournal project used CVS for version control.

At this point, you already have a directory named cvs underneath your $LJHOME directory. Further, that directory already has under it a directory called livejournal, which holds the “general” files.

What you want to do now is make a directory that holds the “local” files. The LiveJournal tools look for your files in a directory beside livejournal named local, but local can actually be a symlink to your real directory. [8]

[8] uses the directory name ljcom for its site-local modifications, so the livejournal directory is entirely free of code. If you're helping with development, you'll want to symlink ljcom to local.