1. Taking control of the Console

The administrative console (or “console”, for the sake of brevity) is a text only interface to LiveJournal that allows you to perform certain administrative tasks not accessible anywhere else in your installation. The console, located at the URI /admin/console/ of a working LiveJournal installation, works very similarly to a DOS or BASH prompt, in that it reads commands and arguments separated by whitespace.

Inputting Commands.  The first word inputted is the command you would like to perform. Every word after that is an argument to that command, and whitespace delimits multiple arguments. If an argument requires a space, such as writing suspension notes, it needs to be wrapped in quotation marks. If an argument requires spaces and quotation marks, then the quotation marks can be “escaped” with a leading backslash, like: \". If an explicit backslash is required when writing an argument in quotation marks, it can be escaped with a leading backslash, like \\.

Example 25.1. Using the console to suspend a user

To cover all points, here is a typical input line that suspends “username” with a complex suspension note:

suspend username "Indefinite suspension \\ might become \"permanent\" \\ harassment and libel"