2. Using S2


Melissa Della
Editor: Jesse Proulx

In this section, we'll go through the use of wizards. They are relatively self-explanatory by design, so this will only briefly take you through the steps.

Procedure 2.1. Choosing a Style

  1. The first step is to choose a layout. For example purposes we'll use the default style, Generator. This should already be selected at the Choose Journal Style[o] page, if you haven't done any tweaking prior to reading this guide.

  2. Next you can choose a theme for your layout. Themes are basically default sets of colors that we've chosen to help you start customizing your journal. You can click the Apply Theme button underneath a layout preview you like, to choose one. If you do not like any of the color themes, you can override any color by creating a new user layer, which we'll explain how to do next.

  3. You customize your journal further using the Customize Journal Style[o] page. You can begin creating a custom user layer by clicking the Customize Selected Theme button at the bottom of the page.

Procedure 2.2. Creating a user layer

  1. On the Customize Journal Style page, the Style options are devoted to tweaking all of the available colors from the style you've chosen. For brevity purposes we'll only change two colors (feel free to change more as you see fit).

    Assuming you've chosen the Generator style, select the Style tab shown in the Customize Your Theme area. From here you can click on a color to choose from a pop-up color selector, or you can enter the hexadecimal color code if you know it. For demonstration purposes you can just type #cef5c1 for the Page background color (and around userpics) option. Scroll down to the Background color for the bar below entries option, and enter the following hex code in the box: #f1fded. If you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you'll see the color previews dynamically change when you click outside of the option box.

  2. Now that you have changed a few colors, select the Display tab, and scroll down to the Additional Options subsection of the Presentation section. Enter the value 400 in the Content area width in pixels box.

  3. Click on the Text tab. In the Comments subsection, enter Post a new comment in the box labelled Link text to leave a comment. For the next option, Link text to read comments, enter A single, lonely comment // It's a party in here with # people!. Enter these same values for the friends view entry comment links.

  4. Click on the Save Changes button when you've completed the steps above. Now, view your journal. Notice the colors, the width, and the comment links.