8. layerinfo declarations

You can use the layerinfo declaration to set arbitrary meta-data for a layer. However, certain meta-data keys and values are required for each type of layer.

The syntax of layerinfo is:

"layerinfo" <Text> "=" <Text> ";"
<Text> ::= <identifier> | <string literal> | <integer 

At minimum, all that's required to create a valid layer is one layerinfo declaration with name "type", stating the type of the layer. Depending on the layer type, more declarations may be required. Valid types are those listed in the Layers section.


layerinfo type = theme;
layerinfo name = "Polka-dotted yellow sunrise";
layerinfo author_name = "Jon Doe";
layerinfo author_email = "jondoe@email.addr";
layerinfo des = "A beautiful polka-dotted yellow sunrise with lots of yellow & orange.";
set bgcolor = "#ffff00";
set fgcolor = "#ffc000";

8.1. Keys

8.1.1. Required Keys

type The layer type identifier.
majorversion Required for core layers only.
langcode Language being configured. i18n and i18nc layers only.

8.1.2. Recommended Keys

name The name of the layer to be displayed in the interface.

8.1.3. Other Supported Keys

des A longer description of the layer.
author_name The name of the author.
author_email The email address of the author.
source_viewable Source of the layer is available to all users on the host site.
is_public Allow users on the host site to use layers from other users in their styles.


The email address, if given, will likely be displayed on the host site in clear-text. You should probably leave it out if you are concerned about email-address collecting software and spam.