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View Types


A view is just our terminology for a page type, or a mode. There are a lot of different ways to look at one's journal --- the default way is the "lastn" view, where it shows the last 'n' most recent events, in reverse order. However, there's also a calendar view, a day view when you click a day on the calendar, and more coming soon (a search page, and a search results page). Each and every view type is customizable through the style system, which you should read up on if you haven't already.

Below is a list of all the view types, descriptions of them, and the variables that affect them.

lastn: Most Recent Entries
The default view, a reverse-chronological list of the last 'n' items in your journal, where 'n' is an integer value that the user may specify. Usually 'n' defaults to something like 20. Example page.

Variables affecting this view:

calendar: Calendar view
A page that looks like a calendar, with months shown for any month that you've submitted a journal entry. Each day on the calendar with entries for that day shows a number of how many entries were submitted on that day, and clicking the day brings you to the day view. Example page.

Variables affecting this view:

day: Day view
After clicking a day on the calendar view, the user can see all the journal entries recorded on one specific day. Example page.

Variables affecting this view:

friends: Friends View
Shows what all of the user's friends have been doing, combined in a page that looks almost identical to the lastn view. Example page.

Variables affecting this view:

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