Developer Information


The following information is intended for programmers and advanced users only. If you just want to use LiveJournal to keep your journal, great! Normal users do not have to worry about this stuff.

That said, the content below is split up into two sections: information on how to customize the look of LiveJournal pages, and information on writing LiveJournal clients to the LiveJournal server.

Customizing the look of a LiveJournal

Don't like the way your journal pages look? Never you fear... everything is flexible and if you read the documentation below you'll know all you need to make your pages look any which way you want.

Style System 1

Style System
General overview of how the first style system is setup.
View Types
A list of the different types of ways you can view your journal, and details on each.
Variable List
Straight alphabetical list of all variables that you can customize.

Style System 2

The S2 Manual
Comprehensive information about using S2 on LiveJournal.
S2 Layer Browser
A full list of public S2 layers that comprise the S2 system styles. Of importance here are the core layers, that define the base variables, functions, and classes that make S2 the powerful design language that it is.

Embedding LiveJournal

Want to embed your journal right into your homepage? There are several ways to do it, depending on what sort of control you have over your server. You only have to worry about this if you don't like having www.livejournal.com appear in your journal URL.






Sharing Pages to LiveJournal

The Share button is the quickest way for people to share content with their LiveJournal friends. A single click on the Share button will share share pieces of content on LiveJournal.