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Post to LiveJournal bookmarklet

Have you ever been surfing the web and found something that you wanted to share with your LJ friends but the effort involved, like opening a new window or tab or cutting and pasting, seemed like too much bother? Now LiveJournal has a handy new application that lets you share web content with your LJ friends without having to leave the site where you found it.

Introducing LJ bookmarklet—a bookmark for your browser that makes it easy to share interesting links, articles, videos, and other content with your LiveJournal friends.

How does it Work?

  1. Drag the link below to your browser's toolbar or add it to your bookmark list:
    Post to LiveJournal
  2. When you're surfing the web and find something that you want to share, just click the "Post to LiveJournal" button on your toolbar or choose it in your bookmark list. If you want to share part of an article or other text with your friends, select the text before clicking the button or selecting the bookmark.
  3. When you click "Post to LiveJournal", a pop-up window with an update.bml form appears. The entry body will include the text or link that you want to share. You can edit the entry to add your commentary or simply publish the link.
  4. Click the "Post to" button and the information that you want to share with your friends will be published in your journal.