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Biggest grail got!

Small post for a big get, I thought I’d never find this- the Pokestudios Arcanine zukan. I missed out on it when it was available originally... So I’m really happy to have it now! Huge thanks to the amazing chris_techno25, probably the best seller/finder of zukan/TFG, and one of the…

Deerling Sawsbuck line zukan

Hi everybody! From King Studios, my favourite thing ever: Gen 5 is the most beautiful gen. I’ve always loved feeling immersed in a game, I don’t get that from hyper realistic graphics alone, its little details, atmosphere, seasonal change, day night cycles... Anyway my daft rant over, here’s my…

Mega Scizor zk, updated Arcanine set

Hello comm! Scizor, Scyther, Mega Scizor 1/40 scale, DS Studios: What a beaut. Arcanine 1/40 scale, custom: I’ve given up hope of getting the Pokestudios Arcanine, so this makes me feel a little less stressed. —————— Also other recent gets (they were in my last post, but I deleted it after 5…

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