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what if this *is* multiple personality "disorder", I mean, living

what if a lot of us have several "personalities" ... what is a personality supposed to be? can't I have different feelings on different days? be different Bugs? the Buddhists call it, "no self" what they mean by that: you aren't stable -- you experience stuff, the world is vibrating, and you…

Seattle thinks it's tripled the doubling time via social distancing

Unpublished data -- which means we can't poke at it -- cited by the New York Times, claims that the social distancing measures put into place in the Seattle region may have tripled the amount of time it takes for cases to double. If cases had been doubling every 6 days, now they would double every…

facing fears

https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/26/opinion/buddhist-monk-death.html George Yancy: Can you say why, from a Buddhist perspective, we humans fear death? Dadul Namgyal: We fear death because we love life, but a little too much, and often look at just the preferred side of it. That is, we cling to…

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