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a Japanese Buddhist take on abortion

US lawmakers are very interested in defining when human life begins. It is assumed by most of them that human life begins suddenly at a single moment. Before that moment there is no human life, immediately after that moment a 100% human life exists. The argument is about exactly when that…


Поздравляю всех с наступившим в полнолуние 21 января 2019 года Махаянским Новым годом! Не путайте с наступающими в новолуние 5 февраля Буддийским Новым годом (Сагаалган) и Тибетским Новым годом (Лосар), которые сопровождаются праздником 15 чудес Будды (Монлам Чхенмо). Мой новогодний подарок…


I've never felt so surrounded by people who care about me but who are letting me go, LOL. WTF. And also surrounded by new people who care about me and who are not letting me go. KWC said it was because I'm so damn rational. But, no. It's because I'm part of a relay, my fellas are handing me off to…

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