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yamashita tomohisa

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Big Sale

Hi! I am selling JE goods. Hoping the goods can find a new home! Lowered Price! New Items added! NEWS/ARASHI/Kis-My-FT2/Kanjani8/KAT-TUN/Takki&Tsubasa/HEY SAY JUMP/King&Prince — CDs, DVDs, Concert Goods and Limited Edition Items for sale! ***Some FREE stuff added!!! Just pay for…

SGSB Osaka April 3th Second Show

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY It was a cold afternoon, it seem that was about to rain and the wind was cold >< My brother and I headed to the Osaka Jo Hall for april 3th second show, I didn't know if I was nervous because of the concert or it was because my brother was going with me this time!! lol…

SGSB Osaka April 2nd Second Show

I've been trough a lot of things to be here, for a few weeks I was seriously thinking in cancel everything and lost what i had payed at the moment... but thanks to my friends who support and cheering me, I was able to come, and I'm glad that I did it ^^ i've seen a dozen of times the…

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