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DWJ Reread: The Power of Three

Gerald looked at Halla with deep contempt. Gair could see Gerald had formed a very low opinion of her mental powers. He thought that Gerald was right. Judging by the unreflecting way she spoke, he suspected she was simply repeating what other, older Dorig said. “You know what you sound…

In which I read Hanna Alkaf's The Weight of Our Sky

To be honest, when I first heard about what The Weight of Our Sky was going to be about, I wondered if we would even be able to sell it here. May 13th 1969 isn’t something many people write or talk about, and the last non-fiction book about it was detained by our authorities for some time…

In which I read Rachel Hawkins' Her Royal Highness

There was a moment last month when I felt super ambitious and wanted to read loads of queer YA and write about all of them in a wrap-up post at the end of the month. And then… I was so busy at work I almost missed the entire month. I still read most of the books I intended to read,…

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