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Reunion Part 3

Title: Reunion (Part 3 of 3) Author: Calling_Alice Pairing: Logan/Kurt (comic-verse) Rating: NC-17 for foul language and even fouler activities. Warnings: Explicit sex, bondage and angst and sub/dom themes. Summary: Kurt turns the tables on Logan, issues come to light, love is accepted but not…

(x) My X-Men Fiction (x)

Hello, I made a list of Logurt Fics in order that is best read. I realized more people are reading my fic than I thought the past few months so I thought I'd post the proper order of my fiction to be read. For the longest time I thought only a handful were reading my Logurt and that handful…

Deep Thoughts

ride_4ever asked me to comment on any aspect or aspects of my due South Borderlands - One for Sorrow series, like technical things about writing it or the feels I got from it while writing it or what originally sparked the idea. (Readers, it's not too late to give me questions about…

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