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Rogue & Gambit: Ring of Fire

Collects miniseries Rogue & Gambit 1-5. Writer: Kelly Thompson Artist: Pere Pérez For many years (at least for us readers: Rogue and Gambit met for the first time in 1990s) X-Men Rogue and Gambit have danced around each other. They're attracted to each other but so far they've had too many…

"Some people deserve to die."

Having watched the first episode of Deadly Class, the show about teens being trained as killers at a secret school, at this point I'm giving it more of a chance based on its soundtrack--the Cure ("The Holy Hour" is a deep cut choice), Echo and the Bunnymen, the Sisters of Mercy--and occasional…

2018 fandom meme

And finally Your main fandom(s) of the year: Gotham for writing fic and obsessing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe for reading fic (Avengers: Infinity War didn’t have much of an impact on that). Best film you watched this year: Phantom Thread and The Incredibles 2. Best book you read this…

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