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I am so tired! Hubby and I barely got any sleep last night as there's a dog in heat in the village. Bertie wanted to make it quite clear to this little dog, and unfortunately every other dog within a mile radius, that he wanted to be the father of her babies. A Newfoundland bark is loud, their…

1922 Words on the Fanfic

Well, I've almost finished chapter twelve of Three Hour Tour. I have about 600 words to go. The plot is moving along quite nicely. I hope to get it finished in the afternoon and beta'd in the evening. I did spend some time working on plotting the novel, too, but not as much as I'd hoped. Devian's…

Writing Disciplines for 2019

I always thought I was going to be a poet. I spent all of my childhood and adolescence reading and writing poetry. I took multiple poetry writing workshops as an undergraduate. And then I got to grad school, and I completely stopped writing poetry. I think the last time I seriously attempted to…

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