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daily update, Tuesday May 26

Things done today: 1. Bought groceries, which included picking up my Celexa renewal (yay storebought serotonin!) and some vegetable seeds. 2. Bought 2 cubic feet of potting soil plus a refill of my 3-in-1 fungicide/insecticide/miticide spray. While at Agway, I ran into one of my old smoke shop…

Lj_Frank_bot and Tagging

Got all my chores down now I have the rest of the day to kind of take it easy. Maybe I will just take a relaxing swim and do some writing afterwards.... Which brings up something that I that has been on my mind for a bit. After my entry this weekend about reaching out to the Russian readers and…

Game of the Name

“The Ghost Rider of Red Rock” by Hapsburg Liebe … I am deeply suspicious of that author’s supposed name.

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