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Today's number is B14: 50. Cuivienen Creation of the first Orcs 63. Elements of Elrond father 109. In your dreams shared dreams 119. The Lord and Lady of Imladris love letters 160. Rivendell Singing and music

Joe (prompt: violence)

At the bar, Missy waves, patting the stool next to hers. She wears a long skirt, hiding the no-tail that was shot off by a short-sighted lover or his betrayed spouse. Either or. “He wouldn’t tell the truth, then,” she says. “Now he can’t remember.” “Just like Joe. Your tail, my heart.” I pull…

ugh, writing

Dear self: Will the prompt ficlet I'm currently beating my head against work better as an epistolary exchange, or as an actual scene with dialogue? On the one hand, the logistics would be so much simpler with the scene-plus-dialogue. On the other hand, it would be so much easier to work in the…

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