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Mini-ficlet prompt meme: all ladies all the time

So hey, I am feeling pretty good about my time management at the moment (work has settled down, I'm on top of my college classes, my Yuletide assignment makes me happy, etc.), so I think... yes... I do believe it is once again time for a mini-ficlet prompt meme! (Yeah, I know, I always say I'm not…


Hell's Heart, released TODAY digitally. My latest piece appears in this wonderful anthology. I'm in some great company here.

Round and Round

Well, that was a rough weekend. I still wasn't happy with chapter nine and so I rewrote it twice. It is now about 1000 words longer than any other chapter and a lot of stuff hit the cutting room floor, so to speak, but I am quite satisfied with the result. I also wrote an additional 1209 words on…

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