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It snows and it melts and it snows and it melts. And it snows. And it melts. April doesn’t know if it’s Winter or Spring. One day the trees are budded and daffodils are blooming and the long fingers of the iris spread high above the packed earth. The next day is a study in white on white and grey…

I'm really not having a good April. My head has been killing me on and off--worse than usual--since Thursday and my "spring thing" fatigue is hitting me hard and long. I'm not writing, I'm not doing my taxes, and I'm not filling out my annual Medicaid renewal because it's hard to think and…

AO3 meme

End of April, and my yearly AO3-meme I currently have 119 fics on AO3 divided between 23 fandoms. My top five fandoms 1.Doctor Who, 32 fics 2.Peter Pan, 17 fics 3. Versailles 8 fics 4.Harry Potter, 8 fics 5.Penny Dreadful and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, each 5 fics No changes at all here.…

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