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world building

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Narrative Quandary and Solution

Been giving a deal of thought to how a story is going to go in my comic and there was a lot of emptiness in my head where I couldn't figure out the journey form point A to point B. Buuuut after I was trying to figure out some timeline things in some smut I was writing (on mature filter) so I could…

Living stuffs

Some Economic notes about some of my stuff before I finally write the whole thing down in a proper wiki format To preface I guess, I have a sort of 'alt earth', it's still earth in the chemical and evolutionary sense, but not in the historical sense. The continent arrangement, the history, is all…

Ertakar and Food

I find myself continually thinking about like domestic, industrial and agriculture elements of a setting. They matter so much and do so much for the overall culture of a place in ways people don't notice until they sit down and think about it. So we all know that major war can cause great…

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