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working out

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Making the Cut / Делая разрез

This morning was the first time in months that I went to work out at the gym, and I would say after playing tennis with Liz yesterday and then doing free weights this morning, it feels really good to get out and do some physical activities (well ones that I keep my clothes on). I actually got a…

The Three Fs / Три "Ф"

Things are starting to be back to normal, well as normal as things can be these days. After all the cold and snow, the past two days I been actually able to go out for a run. Yesterday was much colder and winder than today, so by the time I got home after Tuesday's morning run, I felt like an ice…

Everyone is Out & About / Все на улице и около

Just got back from a jog just a few minutes ago, trying to take advantage of the clear skies between the rainstorms. Yesterday I went out for a run, hoping to get it done before the sleet and heavy rains started, only to be half way on my 5 mile run to have the skies open up and dump freezing water…

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