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poetic and tragic

my description has been labelled poetic and tragic by one of my friends "the last two years has been a series of shots through the fuselage, engines damaged, wings full of holes, tail fin shot up. Steering has been difficult, running low on fuel, undercarriage unlikely to descend, out of ammo,…

Do magazines contain advertisements?

It's been all go this week, f-list. The garbage collectors ran over our recycling bin on Tuesday night, and we got a replacement one delivered on Thursday. How's that for excitement? The supermarkets have pretty much abandoned their special times for the oldies, but my mother has decided she likes…

Three topics from thistleingrey

Grater I don't really grate things very much: when I have occasion to, I use the grating disc attachment to the food processor. In days bygone I had a Mouli grater that I remember as being a very efficient little piece of kitchen equipment. The other thing, of course, that I grate and have a…

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