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Почему хорошо, что женщины стали открыто говорить о сексуальном насилии/нападениях в своем прошлом

Women speaking openly of sexual assault they experienced earlier in their lives lead to some good outcomes, and here is one: some of these women lead a normal life after this event (or series of events, or even years of abuse), they have families, regular or even spectacular careers - they turned…

Something very interesting that I found. My respose

https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/oprah-champions-shoutyourabortion-and-ignores-women-who-regret-their-abortions They (the women who regret it) should be thanking oprah for being so brave. I salute her, and I think I can actually respect a woman who believes in this. The hell with antis.…

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