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Matt & Elle visited a wolf sanctuary last night

They and several friends celebrated her recent 30th birthday, as well as the final full moon of the decade, hiking with wolfdogs in California! She also made a nice donation to the sanctuary (Wolf Connection - https://wolfconnection.org/) instead of asking for gifts. This absolutely warmed my…

‘Puppy dog eyes’ evolved so dogs could communicate with us

There’s a reason we call them “puppy dog eyes”—those soulful, innocent expressions can sway even the most hardened human. That’s no accident, a new study says. Centuries of domestication have radically reshaped a dog’s eyebrow anatomy, making their faces—and emotions—easily readable to people.…

Kyle Cook - Wolves

Kyle Cook, guitarist for Matchbox Twenty, will be releasing his first solo album Wolves on October 12th. Love this video. <3

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