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The One in Which Spikey Yawns a Lot

We had a really nice evening out with our friends on Friday. We hadn't seen them since the spring, due to a whole mess of complications on their part with their kids and grandchildren. It was nice to just sit and catch up, although because Irene was involved, that meant a lot of wine... three…

Have I told you how much I dislike Tuesdays

As a rule, of course, not always. Yesterday, however, was not a banner day. It started out okay and things were not too bad and then lunch came. Now, lunch is a time of great happiness... usually. Not so much yesterday. We have an inappropriate wetter (Pyewacket), two males that keep trying to…

Holy Cow!

Last month, I requested and got a case of white wine donated from Woodbridge. Barb mentioned it in the Artistic Committee and one of the members said that she was an employee. She sent me an e mail and promised me a case of red wine. This was a few weeks ago. Today she sent me an email saying she…

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