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Wild about green

1. African flower beetle Photo by Scott Thompson (and more about this beautiful creature) 2. Planthopper (Eurybrachyidae) laying her eggs, Selangor, Malaysia GIF made by Herp Guide Kurt from his one-minute-thirty-six-second video Up Close with Nature blog: Beautiful Eurybrachyidae…

The cuteness of Christmas past

1. Yazura yayoi89 Instagram 2. Jolly Vicky Photos by Anja Troha 3. Maisie Twitter 4. Reddit: Every time he tries to climb the tree, we make him put on a Christmas outfit for 15 minutes 5. Red panda, Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn, New York, USA Photo by Julie…

Oh, Christmas trees!

1. eBay UK 2. Imgur 3. Pisco Pisco the Cat Twitter 4. White House, Washington, D.C., USA Twitter 5. Imgur 6. Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA Photo by Alexandra Gutierrez Wyoming Stories: Building a Christmas tree (story) 7. Strafford,…

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