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Today is cloudy and cold. I fed the birds. I've seen several cardinals, a flock of sparrows, a dark-eyed junco, and a squirrel.

Electronic Distractions

There's a lot I should be doing, but some of it promises to be somewhat stressful, and recently I've alleviated that a little by doing some light electronic construction. I've put together a couple of kits recently. The first is a low-power single-band CW transceiver. It seems to work, though I've…

Still Not Getting Much Done...

A little of the necessary indoor tidying (mostly involving paperwork) has been done, but there's a lot more to do. My project in the garden hasn't made quite as much progress as I'd hoped, either. The weather's been a bit against it. There's been enough rain to turn the sub-soil where I've…

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