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New Ariel cosplay stuff

I'm not sure if this should go to Ariel WIP but anyway, the recent orders for Ariel addition/upgrade has arrived. Shoes. It is a disappointment. The condition of the shoes is bad. It has cracks and peeling on the outside and inside. The fit of the shoes is loose, like it has been worn a lot by…

Lace front wig

I received a photo of the lace front wig I ordered last month and I am a little bit skeptical about it. I’m wondering if the style I had in mind will work on it... And theennn I checked the lace front wig I have been looking at in Shopee. The photo was short shoulder-length wig so I didn’t bother…

How I Cosplay : Storing Custom-Styled Wigs

As we progress in our cosplays, I can say that one of the major improvements that is easily noticed is our wigs. Custom-styled wigs are now readily available to buy from Taobao and other wig shops. But most of the time, the custom wigs we receive gets deformed or ruined from the packaging during…

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