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Почему тормозит локальная сеть, 1С, интернет и wi-fi?

"Опять не работает!" "Тормозит!" "Не включается!" "Он завис!" Иногда причину постоянных сбоев установить очень сложно - для этого нужны многочасовые тесты, специальные программы и оборудование, а также знание правильных конфигураций и "тонких"…

pennsic planning

Sat Jul 30 21:20:30 EDT 2011 I hadn't counted on the van being fixed in time for Pennsic. It does open some possibilities, chiefly not having to worry about what there's room to take in the car. Anything I might possibly want to take will have no trouble fitting in there. Almost anything I might…

back from Pennsic

Mon Aug 13 11:35:22 EDT 2018 I listening to the last of The Big Broadcast from August 5 (a week ago). The shows are on line for a week, so I could just catch the show I missed at Pennsic. (I used the cellphone to hear the previous episiode from the night I got to Pennsic.) Comcast's replaced…

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