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Icons – A Variety of TV Shows Fannish and some Nonfannish...

The shows being The Addams Family (just two), Merlin, The Hollow Crown (Shakespeare), The Muppet Show, Stargate SG1, The Sentinel, Tokyo Ghoul and White Collar. Many of these were made for challenges, I thought I'd put them up. Oh well... As always, take if you want, text can be added (or…

Taking a moment to remember

Diahann Carroll -- her June Ellington on White Collar was warm, mischievous, astute and one hundred percent class. I'm grateful to have been in her show's fandom. (In other news, I've been AWOL for the last few days, but will be back once @get__together.lj is over and I've tunnelled my way out…

June Something - days six and seven

Skipped a few days, sorry about that. I'll try to catch up so two questions for today :) What fandom that got a series finale was that most appropriate/most satisfying. Bonus: What about it would you have changed, if anything? What fandom that got a series finale was the LEAST…

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