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Muse - Taratata setlist 9/24/18

1. The Dark Side 2. Duran Duran - Hungry like a wolf (Cover) 3. Pressure (Live premier) (Also a snippet of Propaganda was played) Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Muse/comments/9im3pl/taratata_setlist/ Apparently this isn't airing until November 16th. Gah. But it was just announced Muse will…

"Something Human" premiere and press

Woke myself up a tad earlier this morning just so I could stream The Woody Show (LA's Alt 98.7 FM) for an interview with Matt & Dom and the premiere of "Something Human". While I enjoyed the interview (Matt is a confirmed doomsday prepper and equates himself to Locke from LOST which he is…

Muse's "Something Human" official teaser released

Here's the official video teaser that played after the Drones World Tour movie at select theaters (not mine *sad face*): Werewolf!Bellamy plugged into the Matrix... TWO DAYS HYPE --- Edit: ONE DAY HYPE Chris the hunter, Dom returns as sexy cop, and full werewolf!Bellamy CONFIRMED YAY:…

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