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weird al yankovic

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In These Uncertain Times

I guess this is what watching reaction videos and UNHhhh on YouTube gets me. Schuldig in a YouTube video while trapped in the US during the pandemic, all dialogue (not an actual video here). Warnings for COVID-19, political content, and Schuldig. Title: "Answering Your Comments and…

"Everybody's righteous, Half of them ain't right."

"Gangsta's Paradise" but every other beat is "Amish Paradise." Some of the resulting new lyrics are interesting. +++ In the last week I stubbed my right big toe so hard half the nail broke off had a new roommate move in turned a year older and went to a wake that same day (Happy…

But Why?

For whatever reason, the most random selection of songs ran through my mind out of nowhere today. "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson "Walk the Dinosaur" by Was (Not Was) "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson In other personal music news, I only just realized that this lyric in Weird Al…

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