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Latest Doctors appointment update

I have to share this somewhere. I had lab work and follow-up with my doctor last week. She is thrilled! I am thrilled! My weight is way down (63# now), my cholesterol is better than it's ever been, liver & kidney function perfect, and best of all... A-1C is down to normal range-not diabetic…

Feeling fat

This is the first time since starting working out and dieting that i gained weight. It has to be water/sodium and or sugar. Ryan says not to worry but i am. My goal is to get down another 50# by Christmas... Preferably my birthday though. This past week i fell off the no sugar wagon hard. I have…

Day 1 Stats of 2019

The following are my stats as of 1/1/19: Bust: 56.5in Chest: 47.7in Waist: 53in Hips: 62in Thighs: (R) 30.5in; (L) 31in Calves: 16.5in Upper Arms: (R) 18in; (L) 17.5in Forearms: 13.5in Height: 5'3" CW: 325.4lbs HW: 400.4lbs STGW: 300.4lbs GW: 140lbs Please Note: Unfortunately, I did…

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