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Book Two OUT NOW!

Art and Photo Credit by Michelle Haycraft Hey Beargirls, Nerds, Otakus and Realm Hoppers! I know it's been quiet but that's because I've been Chipping away at Fun Times with Antannae and Zink Volume #2. I've just received the Proof Copy and I've been over it with a Fine Tooth…

Luna's Mini Comic

In 2008 I Drew my Very First Comic Short Featuring my OC Luna. The Text is Illegible though you can read it with the Text on deviantART, but I still like the Drawings because it was my Original Style. I need to try to Play off of it and Create a Original Style I like. Anyway, I wanted to Share it!…

Fun Times Thumbnails

Heeeey Nerds! I wanted to Share Past Thumbnail Sketches of Fun Times With Antannae and Zink. I usually try to Write the Script for each Panel, then Sketch a Page Out. etc. And go from there. It helps with the Page Layout. Introduction Pt. 1 Sketches Introduction Pt.…

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