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Um. Well Thanks for the prayers, guys!

Because.....I am no longer with loom. !!!! I posted it on CL on Monday, got a nibble Tuesday (but he never came back after I responded), updated the listing Thursday (added a BUNCH of stuff, and raised the price a little bit)....and yesterday. Yesterday a very nice lady contacted me, we emailed…

OK, so that happened....

Let's see. The Jeep has been acting up lately - it'll try to start, then "hang" and shake. We took it in last month, but of course the minute we got there, she straightened up and refused to show the mechanic what she was doing. She'd been running normally....until yesterday. Yesterday we were at…

Zaphira's new Belt

While Zaphira is probably still freaking out about being pronounced Empress by her traveling companions, I meanwhile am mostly freaking out about her new dress. I'm so horribly unsure about how to go about it that the indecisiveness is paralysing. I'm getting there, though, the plan is formulating…

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