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Sunday spectacular

The forecast was right for a change - we did have (actually, are having) thunderstorms tonight! *vbg* And then this isn't a great picture, because it was on a hand-held long-exposure camera phone, but it began to rain as I took the lightning vid (obv. not photos!) and I went in - I…


RUN! DO NOT WALK! GET TO YOUR NEAREST STORE! REMEMBER YOUR MASK AND TO KEEP PROPER DISTANCE FROM OTHERS! WIPE OUT THE BREAD, MILK, AND EGGS! HOW ELSE TO YOU EXPECT TO SURVIVE THIS FTE??? Or so it seems every time there is a nor'easter in the forecast. People panic buy bread, milk, and eggs like…

Sunday 24th January 2021 - We can haz snow!

I'd half-convinced myself that it would pass us over and be all disappointing - but this is what I woke up to! I went straight out to take some pics with minimal footprints in them! *g* The pics are all looking rather blue - I guess that was just the light this morning! And…

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