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Burlington Pt. 2

I'm so glad we drove up yesterday. Rain and ice east of here so bad that some folks who arrived at the service today reported it took them about 3 hours to go from the VT/NH border to Burlington, a distance that normally takes 1 hour. Francois Clemmons sang at service. What a great singer. He…

Greetings from Burlington, Vermont

Greetings from Burlington, Vt! This weekend trip had been planned for more than a month. One of Claire’s (wife’s) classmates invited us out to attend his ordination as the new minister of Burlington’s Universalist Unitarian Church. The ceremony is this afternoon. So, in anticipation of that, I…

Michael forms off the Yucatan Peninsula

Michael has formed off the Yucatan Peninsula. Forecast models predict it will reach 100mph (Cat 2) by the time it reaches the Florida Panhandle mid-week. Edit: Overnight update (10/8 AM): Now looking like it could be at least 110mph by the time it makes landfall. Cat 3 is 111mph. This entry was…

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