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Not much happenings.. other than worry about when the next bedbug bite will be. Did do a good powdering job yesterday and then went to do a tad of shopping to be prepped for the storm we are having now and the one on it's way on Valentines Day. Made a special trip and picked up 2 small pints of…


one more cold day.. hope the lake got good n cold... made a nice meatloaf ... couldn't taste it.. sucks.. psychiatrist friday.. rick's going out that night as well... i may consider my holiday bottle of wine "final exit #1" yet who knows.. coming down sick worse again.. it's always sick since…

Deep freeze

There is a tow warning where I am at. If your car gets stuck. Someone can come get you, you have to leave your car behind. Plus with the windchill of -45, stay safe people.

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