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Boot grump

When my old walking boots literally started falling apart, a year of boot-related angst ensued: six months in which I clung, whimpering, to my old boots, and insisted on wearing them even though they were becoming more hole than boot; several weeks of trying on every pair of boots on sale on the…

How not to treat an injury

We spent most of Sunday at an intensive Morris dancing workshop: many hours of virtually non-stop dancing, much of it involving jumping and leaping. By the end, my muscles felt like limp spaghetti, and my left calf in particularly was particularly painful and shaky. Sunday was also one of our…

Arms and the (wo)man

Okay. Here is something entirely trivial which started bothering me when I was walking the other day. When I walk briskly, my arms naturally want to swing along as I walk. The arms want to be more or less straight as they swing, only bending slightly when they come to the front point of their…

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