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It's run off elections in GA today and I cannot even watch it on TV. It is stressing me out too much. Steve Kornacki totally stresses me out. He is great but his county by county breakdown stuff gets me agitated. I am checking the NYTimes bigger picture thing online and that is about where I am at…

Hi all - had a good quiet Sunday. Started out with my Sunday book group - it is a family and friends thing and we are doing readings on race in America. Currently we are focusing on James Baldwin and reading his collected essays and a book called - Begin Again, James Baldwin's America and Its…

Happy New Year! 2021 is here!

So it is here - 2021. The longest year of our lives is finally over. Am I right? Did 2020 seem to go on forever? Time seemed to stretch a bit and just stopped at certain moments. I think time was playing with us there really. Well finally it is a new year so let's see what this one has in store.…

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